About Us

Global Environmental Forum(GEF) is a non-profit environmental organization based in Tokyo, Japan. The focus of our activities is to conduct research on the global environmental issues, to disseminate and promote those issues to public, and to make policy recommendations. We also coordinate and link among the public sector, private sector, NPOs/NGOs, and media in a cross-sectoral manner in order to solve global environmental issues, such as climate change, forest deforestation, and desertification and to develop sustainable society.

GEF was founded in May 1990 by Hiroshi Okazaki and Jiro Kondo, who are currently president and chairman respectively. They felt the need for an organization which can disseminate important research result related to the global environmental issues. It was this idea that led Hiroshi Okazaki to establish an environmental organization with his own effort after resigning the Environmental Agency (presently Ministry of Environment).

An intention for naming the organization as “Global Environmental Forum” is, one to aim at development of an environment where earth/nature and human beings can exist in a harmonious way, and second to provide “a common forum” for wide range of people, including the public and private sectors, researchers, NGOs/NPOs, and media to freely gather, discuss, and facilitate issues.

Currently, GEF operates in Tokyo, Japan. Some of our themes for research activities are atmospheric environment and climate change, sustainable forest management, desertification, purification of tidal wetland by use of aquatic life, CSR in developing countries, and developmental projects and financial institutions. For dissemination projects, we conduct seminars related to above mentioned issues, publish monthly environmental information magazine “Global Net”, and support network activities among various sectors such as local governments, private companies, and journalists.

Global Environmental Forum is a non-profit organization under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Environment. However, our organization was established without receiving governmental funds. We are a private non-profit environmental organization. We currently have approximately 40 paid-staff who are engaged in various research and promotional activities of the environmental issues.

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