The role of the forest as the absorption source of carbon dioxide is getting much attention while an international approach on the global warming prevention progresses. Moreover, people start to feel the sense of crisis that the deforestation will cause increase of greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite these talks, the forest in the world is in a still critical situation. “Quality change of the forest” such as deterioration in the forest and destruction of the natural forest doesn’t know the limit. Japan is one of the biggest consumers of wood in the world. We bear much responsibility in conserving the world forest, but at the same time we have the potential to contribute to the forest conservation.

Global Environmental Forum has much experience in conducting various research on forest issues and in communication of such issues to public. Currently, we are involved in the “FairWood Partners” along with other NGOs and NPOs and the research and the dissemination concerning a forest in the world and a sustainable forest management.

We also organize a number of seminars and symposiums related to the forest and biodiversity issues.

In order to conserve forest and biodiversity of Siberian forest “Taiga,” we have established “Taiga Forum” in December, 2009.

FPIC in REDD+ Projects

We have conducted a project called “Project to develop, test, and promote social safeguard guidelines which contribute to forest conservation in developing countries” with a financial support from Japan Fund for Global Environment from 2012 to 2015.

As an outcome of this project, we have developed a “Guidelines for Obtaining Free, Prior, Informed Consent (FPIC) in implementation of REDD+ Projects.” Please click here to find out about the guideline.

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