Action and Study in Livelihood

Climate that is lost in globalization

The move to try to develop society and economy through globalization based on market economy is the main trend in the world. As a result, living in accordance with the climate in which people built it and passed down is being lost. It brings about worsening of the environment and brings stronger negative influence to socially vulnerable people who have lived using local resources. This creates negative chains such as increased poverty, degradation of ecosystems, traditional knowledge and skills, destruction of culture.

Learning from the landscape of living

The difficulty of solving global environmental problems lies in the fact that the cause lies in the activity itself that supports our everyday living. Conversely, it also means the possibility that efforts at the level of our lives lead to resolution of the problem. Also, even if we solve the global environmental problems without solving the problems at people’s lives and regional levels, it remains a rice cake drawn in a picture. Global Environmental Forum cooperates with various organizations and is working on practice and research toward solving problems in the life.

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