Support of Various Activities and Organizations

As the word “Forum” in the name of the organization expresses, one of the objectives of Global Environmental Forum is to provide a place and opportunity for various people and groups working on the environmental issues. As a result, we have a number of activities which relate to various parties and hold secretariats of various activities.

Asian University Institute(AUI)

Seeking a sustainable development with peace, fairness and vigor in Asian countries, establishment of institutions of regional cooperation is required, fostering specialized leaders at the postgraduate level. For this, it is important to create an international regional university within a graduate school, as an intellectual platform, not only taking in existing graduate schools and students’ exchange at the national level, but also promoting Asian countries’ cooperation at the international level; thus founding Asian University Institute (AUI).

Explanation in English(PDF)

Eco Products Award

It is a system that recognizes excellent products and services aimed at reducing environmental burden, starting in 2004. The secretariat of the grand prix promotion council is placed in Global Environmental Forum.

The Japan Fund for the Global Environment

Established in 1991 with each trust bank serving as a trustee, with the aim of supporting financing for global environmental conservation activities to be promoted in developing regions. Global Environmental Forum cooperates with the management of selection of grant recipients.

The Japan Fund for the Global Environment website (only in Japanese)

Network for Sustainability Communication(NSC)

NSC conducts research and information dissemination not only on environmental reports but also on various sustainability and communication, and since August 1999 Global Environmental Forum has been working as an administrative office. Approximately 70 companies, NGOs, academics participate as members.

NSC website (only in Japanese)

Sustainable Sports NGO and NPO Network (Suspon)

With the aim of making the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games of 2020 a sustainable event, we aim to lead to the formation of a sustainable society in Tokyo and eventually Japan and the world, and NGOs / NPOs who are interested in each other. It is an NGO / NPO network whose purpose is to act as a party themselves, to exchange information and to work with concerned organizations and companies.

SUSPON website (only in Japanese)

Japanese Forum of Environmental Journalists

Established in 1991 and its secretariat is based in Global Environmental Forum.  Members are journalists from newspaper, television, and magazines as well as news casters, freelance journalists, and editors.

MATAGI Project

The aim of this project is to utilize skins of wild animals.  Its secretariat is based in Global Environmental Forum.

Reusable Eco-Foodware Network

Established in 2005.  The purpose of the network is to share information about reusable eco-foodware.  

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